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Keeping Garage Doors Quiet Maintenance Repair and Spare Parts

03/14/2014 Back To Blog

Keeping Garage Doors Quiet Maintenance Repair and Spare PartsIn a metropolitan area such as Oregon, it is really anti social to add to the noise levels. Noisy garage doors are a major problem and therefore a practical guide has been developed for the residents of Sandy. The first step is to ensure that all the necessary garage door opener repair processes have been undertaken. Normally this would be a matter of course when the time comes for a regular inspection but there could be exceptions from time to time. Secondly some garage door adjustment may be required. For example the nuts could be tightened if they are getting wobbly.

Garage door motor repair and other requirements

There are several factors that could possibly be making the door noisy. A case in point is where the garage door is off track and trailing behind even as you open or close it. If there has been a big time-gap between the last maintenance check and the latest one then it may be necessary to pay attention to the need for broken spring repair. Of course costs remain a big concern for home owners in Sandy but you can get a great quotation for broken spring replacement from any of the approved outlets. The toolkit that may be required is extensive including an adjustable wrench or socket.

Learning to maintain garage doors effectively

Some DIY is not out of the question but it is important that a user manual is nearby for those emergency situations when things fail to go according to plan. Typical errors for home owners include nuts that are too tight and loose ends. Rollers must be replaced at regular intervals because they are particularly prone to wear and tear. It is all to do with the constant movement to and from. However that does not mean that home owners have to constantly barrage contractors with requests for home visits. Sometimes old garage door metal rollers will make some noise even when they are in good working order.

Identifying and dealing with the source of the garage door noise

It is very important to undertake an investigation prior to ordering new spare parts or replacing them. Too much haste will cost the home owner lots of money. A five-section door typically requires no more than 12 rollers. If nylon is available then it is a better choice than metal. This is because nylon is not prone to rust and therefore does not require constant lubrication. In terms of cost, metal rollers cost roughly 80% more than their nylon counterparts. Each roller should be replaced individually after taking the relevant measurements. If the home owner is good at DIY then they need not spend more than 90 minutes on the job. However the time frame can be considerably longer for the novices.

There are two types of spring mechanisms which are used to lift and lower standard garage doors. For purposes of safety, the owner’s manual should be consulted so as to prevent the entire structure from falling down on the person who is doing the work. If necessary an assistant should act as backup just in case there is a serious incident. There are websites which tell you everything you need to know about replacing garage door springs.

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