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Garage Door Springs

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Torsion Spring Systems

This type of spring is mounted above the garage door over a specially designed shaft. Bigger and heavier doors may use two of these. The installation process involves mounting the spring and winding it so that it is loaded with enough force to counterbalance the door given its weight. You can rely on us for accurate adjustment when installing your new spring. When the door opens, the force held inside the spring is released and applied to the lift cables via drums so that they can facilitate the lifting of the unit. The most important thing when it comes to new cable installation is to ensure that both cables are the same size.Garage Door Springs

Extension Spring Performance

In residential overhead doors, these springs are used in a pair. They are installed above the horizontal tracks and a set of pulleys and lift cables connect them to the door. The springs are stretched when the door is closed, and hold a force that matches the door’s weight. During door opening, they contract and release the force. Our company Garage Door Repair Sandy is readily available to provide a full set of services to these springs as well as to their torsion counterparts.

Quick and Reliable Replacement

Even the best garage door springs break eventually. In this kind of emergency, you can and should rely on us completely. We’ll come quickly and replace your broken spring. Rest assured that the new component will have a long useful life. You can expect dependable performance too, given our meticulous installation and adjustment. Contact us now!

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