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Here you will find answers to your garage door questions and thus solutions to your problems

What is the difference between torsion and extension springs?

The garage door torsion springs are connected to the header. They are right above the door when it is in closed position. The extension springs are found above the upper tracks. They are on both sides of the door. Keep in mind that both types of springs are always under great tension. This has to be taken into consideration and safety measures must be taken when maintenance or repair work is done, say our experts in Sandy.

How do you recognize worn out hinges?

You need to pay attention to the holes of the hinges that house the stems of the rollers. The holes will reveal any signs of wear and tear. If a hole is not perfectly round, then it is worn out. The greatly worn out holes are typically oblong rather than round. In this case, the hinges will require immediate replacement with brand new ones. Otherwise, the door will not work properly and a serious accident may occur.

How do I operate my garage door in case of a power outage?

According to our experts, garage doors usually have a back-up mechanism to manually operate garage doors in cases of power outages. It is usually in the form of a release switch to disengage the garage door from the stalled motor.

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